Hi I’m Jadey,

I am currently enjoying studying psychology and living away from home, (apart from when the holidays take place.) I find it fascinating how our thought process take place and the emotions that go on in our mind. the psychology behind why a [erson is an introvert or an extrovert can be surrounded on many factors from childhood, to social behaviour.

Having a mental illness can put you in a position of feeling lost and alone in the darkness and being in that place, my idea of blogging is to reach out to those who feel in a similar way. Its amazing how something from your long term memory can trigger something off in the present moment.

I love to go to new places and visit scenic views, its very therapeutic to me, in the next few years I aspire to travel more. I also like to be on a little bit of a health kick, green tea and guacamole isn’t so bad…well not if they are put together. I need a few more ideas on being healthy and what works best for all you different people.

I love reading all your posts and blogs so far and believe it is a form of escapism for me, which I’m am enjoying right now.