When we find ourselves carrying on without the person we fell in love with, when we fall into the trap between the conflict of our head and heart and the overpowering voice “message them”…change takes place.

Its diffiduclt letting go, never knowing whether they’ll reply or whether your secretly living a fairytale and things will “work out.” I guess that’s why many people hate change. But I guess the beauty of it is, change can still bring about new memories.

it’s difficult when you believe that nobody can replace the person you thought you loved and what to do next. Change means that life continues without speaking to them, laughing with them, sleeping with them and because they are not there, you start to feel lonely.

Looking outside my window it’s clear that life still goes on and I’m so greatful for the food on the table and for water on a day like today 🌞

I feel the battle of messaging or not will carry on for a while because as humans, we try our very hardest until we can’t try no more.

Change means life moves on, but differently. So…believing that your heart will still remain happy in future is still okay, even though it may not be with the same person. Letting go of someone is so hard but sometimes holding on is harder.



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