The Beauty that lies within nature

Having gone through the walks within the countryside, forests, beach’s and soon to be hiking in Switzerland, I can fairly say that the true beauty lies within the world that is not touched.

For many, a day inside the house would be comfortable enough and for others, the feeling of fresh air makes everything seem feel like bliss. I love going out on walks due to the peacefulness it brings, from leaving everything else behind. From hearing the sound of mini water falls or breath-taking views, being outside and seeing so many wonderful scenery’s is magical at times. When your alone with nature and don’t have to speak to others, you don’t have to meet with your manager, revise for exams or stress when being around others, you can just stop, leave it all behind and breath.

I am not a member of the national trust yet, but going to one of the trails and seeing the castle and old village was such a lovely place to be, away from revision or stress of exams. To be in a world that isn’t too far away from your own, but a change of scenery is so nice at times when feeling the warmth on your arms as it forms a blanket and blue skies all as you look up towards the amazing scenery ahead.

I think I may start to become a member of the national trust and see what walks bring me more happiness.


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