Letting go

I would never allow anyone to fall in love when it hurts so bad.

Our story began as a secret and remained so, based on same sex relationships. I guess being their for someone and loving them behind close doors has its implications. Having anxiety I let someone in who taught me how to smile when at times I had forgotten how too. I let the laughter, a hand or a kiss fill those dark silences that were once filled with dark thoughts. I fell in love.

Moving to uni meant that we never made anything official and every time I came back, we grew more distant. Now finally letting go I never wish the feeling of letting go of someone you love upon anyone. But in reality there are millions right now letting go. Grieving, fighting, crying

love sucks when your hearts had enough, but your head continues to stress you out as it hopes things would be “the way we always think they should be.” I guess that’s the part that fucks us up most in life.

Those that relate try on building yourself back up and smiling through it. Free yourself from your mind and free your heart. A year from now bigger things will happen.


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