When Parents know best

It takes less than a minute to drop a message and less than a day to make a phone call, you’ll feel much better and so will they!

In order to free yourself and let go of what’s inside, the people who can help you the most are those that know you best and in that case your parents.

For a number of weeks being away at university meant I was unsure what to do after graduation. My heart knew what it wanted but my head was saying “just settle.” Keeping it to myself, I thought well I’ll just get a job and settle then. Yet talking to my Mum it occurred to me that her voice and her words meant more to me than any worrying and she knew exactly what to say in times where I didn’t have a clue what to do anymore. “If you want to follow the dream then go for it, don’t settle, you’ve managed this far” were all the words I needed to put the worrying to bed.

At times there really is nobody that knows you better and knows when you’re lying or when you’re feeling down. I knew I didn’t want to settle but life and thinking got in the way (when does it not) So  It’s kinda like therapy, after a phone call or face time, you feel that much better because someone believes in you and so you start to believe in yourself and gain strength. Also, you’re there for them too, when they realise love is accepted and they feel wanted. Love isn’t invisible it’s displayed in the bonds we have with the people we love most!




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