Act of kindness

So today I was watching morning TV and they decided to talk about random acts of kindness. I love hearing about how others make other people feel happy as it makes me smile, knowing there are such kind people in the world we live in. Here are a few which may make you smile and in doing an act of kindness yourself can make you and that person feel great :d

  1. I remember my dad had his coffee paid at Starbucks by the man in front. Apparently the man working there said the customer does this on some occasions and I guess it made my Dad smile.
  2. The lady on the TV announced she leaves the money in the trolley, for the next person to come along  and not have to.
  3. So…in the summer as always my family and I are always going on long walks or to parks for the kids. We decided to stop of an get ice creams and for a toilet break when one of my younger family members only very small noticed a lady in her wheelchair needing to use the toilet. She couldn’t open the door to access the building at all, so he opened it for her. Then…waited for a long time for her to come back out te building as he said she wouldn’t be able to get back out if he hadn’t of held the door open. I thought this was so kind of him being so young and in return the lady gave him money for his ice cream.
  4. Another story I heard on the TV was organ donators saving others lives which makes me think I want to sign up and hopefully one day I am able to help another person in need.


Before the internet, or even TV’s or phones or computers…all’s we had was each other at one point and when we look at the important things we do for each other, it makes us much more happy doing a physical deed for someone who needs it most, maybe they are having a bad day and need cheering up, small acts of kindness like giving a homeless person a blanket, can make there day a better one.


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