Build a profile

There comes a time in life when you hit rock bottom…or many of times 😛

Learning how to smile again needs to be done whether it be a long process or short one, a hard or easy one….

When you focus on others and how they live life, you start to dismiss the things YOU have in life and miss out on things you cannot capture, when spending that time on others. Yes some may be parents, some may be married and own a house, but some may still be at university and some, may be wishing they had of paid more  attention at school. If you start to wish you had things, you start to wish away the things you already poses. Quality time with the younger people in your family is needed, just like the quality time needed to revise for your 5th exam. Yet quality time spent scrolling through Facebooks posts, of how your friends just got engaged and the girl you were sleeping with has blocked you, needs to be read and addressed with. Learn to accept, move on, focus on what’s in front of your own path in life and nobody else’s.

Don’t compare your 6 in life, to someone else’s 10, you will get to where you need to be in life at a different time to others. Parenthood doesn’t have an age just like getting married, savings, or owning your own car. What it does have is adulthood, which… as I’m sure you are all aware of, ranges from 18 till the time we stop living on Earth.

Learn to accept that people will be proud of you. But remember, the weeks or months you spent worrying about comparing yourself to others, isn’t worth the worrying. What is worthy in life is smiling and living, not building your profile to match others success. If you think others have it figured out, you are wrong because in their house they just got, they have arguments 24/7 and the new 2017 plate just brought by your cousin, they just lost their second grandparent. People live life differently.

Build a profile that when other people see it, they see you. They see that you accomplished goals differently, they see you smile. They see you graduate at a different age to others, they see you saved, a little after you spent all your money because lessons are learned differently. Build a profile that reads success and that doesn’t always mean money. Learn to accept that when dragging yourself down, the only one that looses is yourself. Don’t put pressure on yourself. The profile you build in life should be someone who has many of things they like, physical things that make them happy and doesn’t need 40 Facebook friends to hit like.






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  1. charlsummers says:

    I enjoyed reading this, really nicely put together 🙂 well done x


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