….What now

I feel like starting all over. They say life’s a rollercoaster but its an understatement don’t you think?

Not being able to go to a lecture because your hearts racing, you’re scared of the crowd. Not even a room full of friends could tare away the feeling of an almost panic attack that’s waiting to burst out.

I guess its one of those days, I’ve tried, I’ve tried to push myself and at this point I feel like I’m going through another learning curve but just slowly about to break at any point.

“The more I sear I’m happy, the more I’m feeling alone” Rihanna

I hate feeling like this I hate having anxiety I hate feeling low

But eventually, ill learn from it which is what keeps me going, I guess it makes me feel stronger that ill push myself to do my essay and eventually get a good grade. It breaks me but I cant wait to feel strong again, just feels so far away!!

I cant wait to read some more blogs in my spare time!! 🙂


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