Every now and then people feel anxious, they get upset, overthink, become angry or simply confused. Maybe its been going on for three hours, two days, a week. But whatever kind of negative feeling is taking place, I can assure you there are plenty of distractions to assist you in the right direction to a clearer healthier mind set.

I type in ‘The Ellen show’ a lot on YouTube. The happiness received from watching a celebrity interview or a touching story on the show takes me away at times. I’m in a different world of leaving my negative, overthinking behind me, Just in that moment.

I tried yoga for the first time the other day and I can say, my legs need a bit more stretching and at 22, you think they would not hurt so bad…I guess I’m not that fit. I loved the idea of deep breathing and feeling free, that in that moment you are in control, no one or nothing else, just you.

Reading for a little while, can become a process in which you become distracted in a fiction world. Or in my case, I prefer to read what’s been going on in the news, or psychology based information. The world we live in is fascinating and reading up about it and people is amazing I love reality.  We remember memories not just on that particular place, but we remember the surrounding of that place, our minds jump to the corners of the memories. When you remember your first house, you also imagine the street in which you lived in.

Right now I’m very nervous aboutgoing back to University in my second year. I remember the feeling of being uncomfortable at times in lectures, but I’m happy I have The Ellen show to watch before hand or after if I feel nervous and need to enter a different world for a little while. 🙂

After you have distracted yourself you feel you can restart certain events and feel okay afterwards, as you are not so deep in thought as before, you’ve changed your mind set to begin that event again in a calmer way.



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  1. I’ve only started watching videos online at home, but haven’t gone to classes yet but maybe in future I will give it a go 🙂 I enjoyed the home tutorial, and lit a candle, hopefully one day I’ll reach the high end of flexibility like you, after a few years if it’s something I hold onto 😁


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