Are schools becoming too strict in uniform?

It comes to my attention that parents and certain pupils who get sent to isolation, due to the wrong footwear, wrong uniform and wrong hair style are feeling quite annoyed about going back to school. One school had 400 students in a hall on the first day back, due to wrong uniform and with this, it actually caused a fire hazard. I understand the point of uniform. I understand that everyone must wear the correct attire and dress in an appropriate  way in school, as when they leave after 5 or 7 years, they will enter the work place in a smart way.

Over the years pupils have been sent home to having the wrong hair Style which to a point is understandable as students cannot have blue streaks in their hair or bright red hair. Many of other pupils will catch on and before we know it the whole school will be full of pupils with rainbow coloured hair. When it comes to culture however and pupils simply wanting a certain hit cut, many are told about having Afro hair in the wrong style is not appropriate. A girl in America got sent home due to the wrong ponytail. I find it disgusting that schools can get to the point where it can affect culture. Leave people’s hair styles alone if a boy wanted his hair spiky or old school justin bieber. The way a person wants their hair should be up to them if it is not affected their work because it isolates who they are as a person and their decisions in how they want their hair styled that way.

Getting an education is such a privilege in country’s such as Africa  so putting a child out of lessons for a whole day is not right. Missing out on the chance to continue in their exams and do well as they have not been in lessons all day is a loss on a pupils chance due to the fact they wanted to be themselves and create their own style.

Why are we putting everyone in the same strict box. When I was a t school we had many different types that valued who they were as a person. The goths were allowed hair down to their shoulders, the geeks were allowed the biggest bag walking up the stairs, the popular kids had highlights and to almost every single person they got jobs and in university. I understand schools have rules and I not saying everyone must wear bright coloured trainers to be themselves, but children were directed home if they wore the wrong black shoe yesterday. It’s a joke I feel and parents have lost money. I heared from a friend, a boy gets sent out the lesson for dreadlocks- he takes them out- his Afro is too big and stopping people from seeing the front of the class. Was dreadlocks really a distraction at that time!? Furthermore if having an Afro is a distraction don’t you dare send someone out of lessons all day, sit them at the back so everyone can still see and that poor boy or girl can remain in education!

Isnt everyone meant to be who they want to in life, but schools are stopping this and becoming too strict. My own brother told me his school tell girls off if they are not wearing a white bra. I always see it from both sides, one side I understand that it helps 13 year old girls learn that you don’t wear a pink bra under a white shirt. On the other hand the school turned round and stated it affects the other boys in the class. HELLO isn’t enforcing a rule of white bras only, only making the statement that boys that young are looking girls up and down?? Girls if they have green bras, purple or blue, should to an extent wear what their parents have brought them when they’ve been shopping as many even wear vest tops under their shirts so that you cannot even see their bra. I feel it’s just isolating who they are as a person when conforming to too many rules and regulations in a school, instead of focusing on the education which is more important is how people loose who they are.

Forgetting who you are as a person or a student in school can be just as important as wearing the wrong school bag.


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