Daily Prompt: Complicated

What’s complicated in life?


Sometimes we replay what’s in our mind, or we plan ahead. At times we will make up scenarios or conversations with another person then when we are around them, we feel like we are on another level to they are because the overthinking in our own heads has maybe led us to a different situation. Overthinking is complicated when we make a bigger picture out of things when at times it was unnecessary, yet it cannot be helped, like an argument caused due to thinking the wrong thing.

Excessive thinking is complicated because at times it cannot be helped and overall isn’t it our mind that controls us at times? You cannot see what is going on around you because your mind and thoughts are doing overtime.

Its complicated, but maybe we need to go outside, get fresher and breath. When outside, look what’s around you, look in the garden, look up at the sky. As soon as your head starts to plan too much, force yourself to stop it, add some music to the complicated overthinking and maybe your mind will get side tracked.

Finally even though overthinking is complicated, just remember many thoughts in are head are never true, they are just thoughts and are not fact.


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