Inspirational reading

A story of loss and gain

We are always loosing things, family members, our ex’s, friends or even valuables. When you fall and loose it’s how you look after yourselve that counts. I’m only on the third chapter and this book is very heat warming. Reading is a way of escaping. This book has started to remind me of who I am. I’m not straight and we should never hide who we are, it can cause us loss. Loss of ourselves and the chance we can have with others. When we hide who we are we can fall into a trap off addictiveness, an eating disorder or even cutting ourselves. When we embrace who we are we can learn to love ourselves again and let others in. In the book it mentions a lesbian coffee shop in Santa Monica which I hope to visit one day. A place where I’d feel 100% myself and free. Even though I live in England our father lives in la and we visit every other Christmas.

Free yourself, whether it’s by favourite foods, hiking- going on adventures, sexuality, addiction… Find therapy, slow small challenges and tell your story so that others can feel your words and your emotion behind them. Learning about others can embrace how another person fights their own battles. I love this book so much from what she went through and how extreme any addiction can be. How love can change our hearts and becoming who we want to be or who we are meant to be on this earth.

I hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy who you are as a person as you’re beautiful ✌🏻️



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  1. Vernon says:

    Hi Jadey,
    This seems like an interesting book I want to read.
    I agree with you that we have to accept who we are.
    The mask must go.
    I seen you over at Nikki party and I want you to know that we all were once where you are.
    Just keep reaching out and learning but mostly be yourself and always remember why you started blogging.
    Great job!

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