Helping others whilst helping yourself

I’m currently On holiday at the minute and received an email about taking part in a video,helping teenagers who feel alone at times. For the time it took me to upload the video with a picture of my feet, with the quote saying “one step further is one step closer to being your true self” I had understood why my struggles in life had a purpose. Having anxiety due to a few unforgettable incidents in my life… I have the gift to help others and allow them to feel the pain, that one day you will get through stages of depression, difficult things will never stay. As a teenager I was confused, I did feel alone, I was hiding the fact I was not straight and I had a mental illness that made me see darkness. At one stage I never knew that if I found who I was, I could get through things one step at a time. Finding what things you enjoy, We are all figuring out who we are, trying new things and holding on to our favourite things, we learn who we are as a person. Hold on to who you are and embrace the struggles because one day you may be asked to take part In a project that will help another human being. If one word can touch one heart, you know you’ve succeeded.


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