Love what you have and grow with it

Sometimes, we all get taken back, so that we cant see what’s in front of us.

On a simple summers day, we can remember the meaningful things in life, like the moments with your parents in the garden. The pleasure of sunbathing and looking at the clouds and not checking your Facebook for any notifications. The conversations about fixing the pump to the pond. The nature of the fish or the dogs running up and down.

This summer I have acknowledged that what you have around you is all that you have so take notice of it and make use of it. Enjoy the time spent with your parents as nobody is getting younger. Appreciate the summer nights as days seem longer, the evening breeze is so peaceful and therapeutic. Sometimes things that cost less are still expensive, in creating a memory that is so worthwhile. Focus on who you have in life and what, then you will learn to grow, in recognising who you are.

when you realise, that if you live with what you have, you will become happier knowing if you want something different you will work for it. Knowing that what you have can make you happy, it belongs to your life, it belongs to you. Growing from what you have is understanding why it is there. You go outside because you have fallen in love with being outdoors. Or you will stand in the kitchen for hours because you love to cook. Whatever it is that is around you is there because it may have been purposely put there through you. Appreciate things around you and grow with them, let go of checking your phone or planning, instead live for now and make use of now!






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